Monday, August 09, 2010

More Journaling in the Red Journal

Some new entries from the last few days (mostly this past weekend) in my Red "Thoughts" journal. As usual just kind of random thoughts that come to me and things that inspire me at any given moment. They were all kind of fun.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a card-makin' Machine!

I decided the other day to see about doing some volunteer work since I have a little more free time now. I went to see about helping out with a Hospice agency and thought I'd make some cheerful cards last weekend. I really got cranking - and made about 8-10 of each of these designs. It was the first time in ages I've sat down to craft at home (for an extended period of time, anyway) and it felt really good. I hope the cards will bring some smiles and cheer to the folks they go to. I know Hospice really was a help and a blessing when my mother was fighting cancer and it is such a good cause.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Playing with Dolls

My new hobby has begun - though it's kind of an old hobby really - playing with dolls. Though I never had dolls like these when I was a kid! I would have killed to have dolls like these back then! My mom would have had a fit about the prices of them though! This lovely girl, Ani (now named Rowena) arrived for me at Sharon's for Christmas - very unexpectedly since she wasn't expected for some time later. She was a very special gift from Sharon. And since then Sharon has also made several awesome outfits for her. I've made some things for her, too and it's really fun for Sharon and I to work together on things - Sharon helps me out because she's so much better at the whole sewing thing than I am - it's been so many years since I sewed and I wasn't that adept at it even back when I did do it some 20 years ago (can't believe it's been that long!) But it IS fun to dress her up and take photos. Just what I need - another expensive hobby! But it is great fun to be like a kid again and play with dolls. Yet another outlet for my creativity. Who knows? Maybe I'll start making outfits for myself even!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Winter Walk in the Park

Went for a walk in Franklin Park this morning to enjoy the big snowfall we got yesterday and last night. It was just lovely. So quiet and magical. There's just something about snow, especially in the morning, when it has so quickly transformed the world so dramatically in such a short time. As human beings we can't do anything on such a scale - not like Mother Nature can! It seems spiritual somehow to me and just fascinating. I hate to have to drive in it and I know it can cause a lot of problems in other ways, but when you can get out and walk in it in the morning and just enjoy the serenity of it and be alone with nature and your thoughts - there's something so beautiful about it, something soothing and calming. Here are a few of my pictures of the walk that you can enjoy without going into the cold!