Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Fun Day Out

After my haircut today at Aveda, I enjoyed the afternoon shopping in the Gateway and Short North areas since I had taken the day off. I went to Byzantium and got some beads and some Water Lily essential oil (my favorite form of perfume) and poked around some shops, took myself for a curry for lunch as well and later a pear flavored ice cream which was unusual. I met a friendly Dalmation who wanted a taste of it. Was a nice way to spend an afternoon for a change and the weather was sunny and fairly warm for the time of year. I should do this more often! And isn't that grating neat, I love the celtic style of it. Fun to see what you come across when you take the time to look around.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Cards

I know it's been a while.... been quite busy at work what with moving back into the new library and all. Been working a lot of extra hours and not had much time for fun art stuff at home, or when I did I was too tired to muster up the energy!

But I'm back and I spent a little time getting the craft room back in enough of a semblance of order that I could do a little work on some Halloween cards. I just love Halloween, it's so much fun. These are in the more cute vein, but I like all types of Halloween, cute, scary, gothic, retro, classic... it's all fun!