Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Me at the Stadium

After a Communicators meeting at the OSU stadium this morning we got to take a tour of the stadium... so here's a pic of me chillin' at the stadium! It was kinda neat to get to do that. I've never been to a game so it was pretty awesome to see.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yet another fun craft to try!

Well I managed to find one more craft to try! Going into a yarn shop yesterday after a work meeting next door was over... in an area way north of town I've never been to before... I was very warmly welcomed by one of the shop owners (though I didn't know that at the time) Elaine. She showed me how she made these neat little woven squares (or rectangles) on a tiny hand-held loom (called Weavette looms) and then she pieces them together (NOT sewing - she proclaimed). You can do so much with them and she and I really connected as we continued to talk. Ideas started flowing on what I could make with these little gems.... scarves, purses.... and then Elaine proceeded to show me samples she'd done! And then she gave me a little demo on how to start the loom with yarn and before you know it.... I bought a loom and she showed me how to do it and before I left I had my first little rectangle (shown above). I tried to do another one at home, but I think I need a remedial lesson on the last step because something wasn't quite right... but I almost have the hang of it. I'm definitely going back for more lessons, more yarn and more of Elaine's warm conversation.... I felt like I found a new home!
In case you want to go.... it's called A Tangled Tale and is in Powell, OH 50 S. Liberty St. suite 174... it's a cute little town. Their web site (which I haven't even gotten to yet myself is: atangledtale.com. Elaine and her daughter Doreen run it and it's a lovely place filled with windows, light and lovely colors of yarn!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Interview with Gregory Maguire

this is an interview with Gregory Maguire the author of Wicked. I wasn't as pleased with Wicked as I thought I would be, but this is an engaging interview and he makes some interesting points. I may check out his children's books actually. I hear that the play based on Wicked is good, and I'm curious about it, after reading the book, I wonder how it could be made into a play... there's not a tremendous amount of action in it, so I wonder how it would hold attention as a play. He's an interesting man at any rate so I'm putting in this interview for those of you who might want to see it. He mentions the importance of his journal in his writing and how he was inspired by a book he read as a child to keep a journal. So maybe I should do more with that myself as I'm always thinking I should.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I went to the rally Friday

I know this is an art blog, but it's my main blog, so I'm gonna share the photos from the rally I went to on Friday... it was so much fun! Was a beautiful day and I met some great people and got to see the future president of the United States (I hope). I figured it would be cool to say that when he wins and I didn't want to miss out on an opportunity. I also had a whole adventure since I took the bus and I never had before. Nice people on the bus who chatted with me. All in all it was a tiring day but fun. The two ladies in the pictures are Julie and Julie who I met up with there while waiting in line. We made fast friends and stuck together through the whole rally. One thing I thought was cute was right when Obama came out a lady in front of us yelled "we love you!" and he said "I love you, too!" That was sweet, I didn't expect that. I hope that whoever you are for, that you go out and vote... it's really important.

I'm gonna start somethin'

I just decided I should start yet another notebook... (I do this a lot)... about art ideas that I get, or images that inspire me. I jot stuff down on post-its and scraps but then don't keep them in one place and heavens knows where they wind up! (often the bottom of my purse until I clean it out). So I just saw some inspiring things on the web and printed out a couple pages since I will probably never remember what web site I saw them on later to look them up when I'm in the mood to create. I also jotted down some ideas that came to me that I could do that was a little different but inspired by what I was seeing. I thought, I should start a notebook to keep all this stuff in... maybe a three-ring binder with pockets and I could do a couple of categories like "clay" and "stamping." So off to Staples on the way home I guess! More later.