Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the start of a new journal

The start of a new journal... on kromekote (shiny) white card stock... using stamp pads, paint, rubber stamps, handwriting and what ever comes to mind. I decided to go back toward my comfort zone so I would actually do more stuff. I can toss in new things as I go I figure, but this way I'm more likely to actually work on it more often. (or so I hope). So far I'm pretty pleased, I cranked these out pretty quickly last night. I think I was really ready to make some art.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Self Portrait

This was inspired by the book Journal Revolution... using photos of yourself to journal... I have a hard time with this most of the time. As it was I used a Photoshop filter to blur it up a bit before I added the text. I saw on another blog how people are doing self portraits and I never do that. And I guess it's that I seldom like photos of myself. There are a few thing I do like about myself...but it's usually easier to focus on the stuff I don't like. So this made me put it down... harder than even saying it out loud! It seems to be so vain to say such things... why does our society teach that? Those of us who need a shot of self-confidence sure don't need that baggage, right? When we can finally find something to like in ourselves we feel guilty for saying so! So I encourage you to do one for yourself..no matter how hard it is! Even if it's only one thing you can think of to list... but I bet you can find more than that! When I wish my hair was thicker... I think how quickly it dries in the morning, which is great -- I can sleep in that much longer! And that I like the color of it (though I didn't so much when I was a kid) -- now I revel in that my red hair sets me apart. So find something you like in you!

Finding the Words

This is often the question... so many things to say until I sit down to do art...then not sure what I want to say... so I said just that... I had to start somewhere, right? Seems like I have either too much to say or nothing (or I can't think of anything to translate to art... my friends will tell you I ALWAYS have SOMETHING to say!). I think this stumps most of us at one time or another... so I decided to put it down, invest some time in it. Still loving using the Photoshop brushes.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I love my clogs... journal entry

Inspired by an image on RobenMarie's site (I love her work!):
and also inspired by the book Journal Revolution by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino, which I was revisiting tonight, I created this piece of art...

I pretty much like it, though because I worked on it at home, I only had Photoshop 5.5 which I have much less in the way of brushes to work with. I hope to upgrade later this year. But it was fun and I found ways to get it to look like what I envisioned. Maybe a few more bits of blue might have been good. I still may work on it more. But I DO love my clogs.... always have since grade school... and now they actually have medical benefits for my feet! All the better.

Why is Rain Sad?

While stuck in horrible traffic coming home on Thursday night (1/10/08) I was looking out the car window and thought how it always seems that a rainy window is synonymous with sadness. I had time to ponder while I sat at the light for several revolutions so I took a photo, wondering how it might turn out. I guess I do find rain a bit melancholy, but I kind of like a rainy day sometimes. I wondered why we so often link it with sad feelings or depressed feelings when there isn't anything intrinsically sad about rain, really. We really need it at times. Not enough and we have drought, too much and it's the cause of floods. All I know is, that it sure messed up traffic that night and it took me forever to get home! That was more annoying than sad, though I wasn't in too bad a frame of mind about it since I wasn't in any particular hurry to be anywhere. It is nice when we don't need to stress and can enjoy where ever we happen to be and take the chance to reflect on something we might not normally have the chance to. Here's to happy rainy days.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Crusade 16 Journal Your Blog

Ok, here's the real, hands-on, cut, paste and paint version. This was a bit of a struggle... had to rip up the first attempt and re-place them on a new sheet to try again. I didn't like the paint, it got too unfocused. This one is still a little all over the place, but I like it better. These were my blog banners for the What's Your Muse Crusade from a few months back. I have another few blog items to try out but didn't get them done last night. It was fun to get out the paint and slop it on. I haven't done that in a while. I wanted to get more rubber stamps in, but wasn't finding what I wanted. I liked this theme so it was fun to do something extra with it. I probably could have done a page for each muse now that I think of it. Too bad there's not enough time in the day/week to do all the things I think of doing!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Wrecking of the Journal...

So more wrecking has been going on and it's still fun. Still haven't taken it into the shower yet...I think I have to build up to that one! LOL but have burnt it and torn it put gum in it... maybe will do some more tonight. Getting a good photo has been a challenge, need better lighting I guess. I want to do a lot of the pages, but I suppose it's good to pace one's self and not get too many done at once... savor the destruction! It's weird 'cause it's hard and yet fun at the same time. Maybe the cats will help with it... they seem to like destroying all my other things in the house! Here's the next few I have pics of.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Blog about journaling...journal about blogging...

Ok, this is getting a bit surreal... for the current GPP Street Team Crusade we are challenged to take a blog entry and journal about it in our Visual Journal... my first attempt is a digital take on it... will try a cut, paste and glue one later. I like how this one turned out. I'm loving using the brushes in Photoshop (and you don't have to clean them out when you are done!). The new typefaces are really fun... go to DaFont.com to get TONS of REALLY cool and (even better) FREE fonts... Love 'em... this was fun... wanna do more... but can we get caught in a temporal time loop by blogging about journaling and then journaling about blogging? Just curious! If you want to participate, go to: http://michelleward.typepad.com/how_cool_is_that/2008/01/crusade-no-16-j.html?cid=96222100#comment-96222100

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year! It's the start of a new journal!

I passed this up in the bookstore the first time I saw it last month... it's really weird... It's a journal called "Wreck This Journal" and every page holds instructions on how to deface, demolish and generally destroy the journal. Everything from tearing out pages, taking it into the shower with you (haven't done that one yet!), dropping it from heights, dragging it on a string behind you while you take a walk... to gluing all manner of matter into it. I will do my best to document my efforts as I go through the process... it is kind of fun, actually. What caused me to rethink the whole concept was seeing some reviews on Amazon.com. People were really getting into it. I also found a flickr site where people are sharing what they are doing with it. So, anyway, a new year, a new kind of journal...bombs away!