Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My Next Adventure


Starting a new adventure! I joined the 21 Secrets and so far (one day) it's been really fun! And I  haven't  even gotten to the part where I'm creating art yet! Only $59 for 21 classes from 21 instructors – seemed like a great deal to me. Heck, I spend that much at the very least in one trip to JoAnn's! It looks VERY inspiring. And there are SO many nice people that I'm already meeting! There's a dedicated Facebook page for attendees only and several have already joined my Art Journaling Facebook page, too. 

I printed off some pages to read for a couple classes and have started watching some of the videos. I've worked on my profile, uploaded a photo (I'm using my drawing of Betty Alpha I did years ago because I like her and she seems to look and feel creative). I've uploaded some of my scans of journal pages. I think I'm nearly ready to start creating art. But it might be a bit late to begin tonight. 

I also have to get a few cards done for birthdays for relatives coming up. And I'm also planning a trip to Austin for work and also a bit of vacay... to visit friends. I'm SO looking forward to it. 

Well that's my update for now... stay tuned for more artwork to come! And consider joining the 21 Secrets – it runs through January of 2014 and you can sign up any time and go at your own pace (which I LOVE) so it's very open ended and non-pressure.

If you want to sign up, here's the link: 21 Secrets