Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who's My Muse: Installment 2

For my next installment of Who's My Muse... it's my Mother... she was such an inspiration to me and was always encouraging me, especially in my art. She did crafty and arty things herself all the time... especially at Christmas. She also taught me to save EVERYTHING... you can use almost anything for a later craft project. Being raised during the depression herself, she hated to waste anything so was always finding ways to recycle and reuse items to give them a new life. She even took taperecorders and other electronic equipment apart and fixed them herself! I'd never try that, but she was amazing!

She loved candles but didn't like to burn them so she bought flicker light bulbs and bored a hole through her big candles and wired them up to the flicker lights so she had candles that never burned down but they looked amazingly like real candles! She was so inventive that way.

She always made sure I had enough drawing paper and markers or crayons or whatever it was I was into at the time. And she didn't balk when I wanted to go into art as a career, although my dad was pretty unsure... heck, the art college didn't even have a football team! But even though she's no longer here to cheer me on she still is inspiring me in countless ways, mostly by having been a wonderful example to me all those years growing up in a house filled with creativity and fun. Thanks, Mother!

If you want to participate in the GPP Street Team Challenge #14, Who's Your Muse or Imaginary Friends.... go to:
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girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I love this post! Your mother sounds so very clever and inspirational indeed! What a grrt blog you have, sew glad I stopped in! :) ~Monica

michelle ward said...

Pam - your Mom sounds like she was quite the clever one. How great to have a Mom who GOT IT about needing to create. Thanks for sharing with the team.

PLO said...

I love your little banners you made of your muses...too cool!!! You should make and sell them for....one MILLION dollars...I would pay!

MezzoKat said...

My mother is my muse, too. How fortunate we are to have had such creative moms!

Fiona said...

You mum sounds like a great enabling lady. What a treasure!