Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More fun with Journaling

The first topic goes 'round on message boards now and then... what is "art" and who decides? I think it's you and me... it's always a subjective thing, really... if you make it and consider it art--then it is. Even if you make it but don't think it's art, but someone else does.... then it's still art! Art is in the eye of the beholder. I don't think something has to be pretty to be art. Some stretch the limits, quite purposely, simply to provoke and I guess that's ok, too. I like art that says something and communicates.

The other entry is about food... things I find yummy. What do you find delicious? I'd love to hear. My tastes change and what sounds good one day, may not on another. I don't think fresh fruit made it on the list, but that's great, too. There's probably nothing I'd love to eat every day... as much as I like anything, I'd get tired of it rather quickly.... variety is the spice of life... I'm lucky to have so many eating options.


PLO said...

I think you covered my fave foods. I could live off of mac and cheese, french fries, and an occasional grilled cheese. Kudos for keeping up with the journaling!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
congrats on winning this last crusade!!! ANd wow I see you made a lot of pages with that neat kit of yours!! Have fun,

Julie said...

Just had a little look around and your journal entries are fabulous! Congrats on winning the crusade...what a wonderful day?

You could journal that...would love to see the pages.


maz said...

Well done for winning- your entry on your journal kit was fascinating and your pages speak for themselves- very inspiring, thankyou.

Kel said...

Congrats on winning the crusade - very cool. Interesting question, the art one, I think it has to have something of the creator in it, but it might speak to different people in different ways. Thanks for commenting on my stamps, I've made some more tonight but I haven't posted them yet. There's a tiny journal closed and an open book.

Wabbit said...

Some people would say that we're lucky to have a choice of things to eat. Obviously then, I am overwhelmingly lucky as I've clearly had way too much!

Faves? I'm currently nuts about salad to the point that I'm still interested in eating it after I get done making it. Fruit sounds yummy, but wouldn't you really rather have a Cup O'Joe and some CHOCOLATE?!??? ;-))