Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year - almost!

Finally some new art! I had been working over the holidays, but couldn't post anything that was to become a present in case the recipient might be looking!

One of the things I got for Christmas was a new journal! Yay! So last night I started in it and I share the results with you.

This first one in black and white is about creating. It's rubber stamps and journaling. Just something quick that popped into my head. I like stuff in black and white sometimes. Shape and form take more importance
that way.

The second one evolved from an idea from a book True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling by LK Ludwig
the idea is to tear a scrap from something like the phone book and build from that... which I did. As I started to paint over it I noticed that both Washington state and Ohio were right there on the page... and a very good friend of mine recently moved back to Ohio from Washington state (pleasing me greatly) so I decided that was what I meant to journal about on this page... so off I went. The bingo card was already there, but seemed appropriate: "Bingo!" and I added arrows and stamps and writing plus two tags with the two locations as well as my own location. The colors are oil pastels that were a present from this friend - so it really ties it all together. It's a bit looser than my typical work, which I have been striving to do, so that made me happy.

I do propose to do more art journaling and blogging this year (nice to have a FUN new year's resolution!) so please come back to see if I am keeping that resolution!


BellaKarma said...

The pages look awesome! The map page is fantastic - and what a great story behind the creation! Now that I've seen the BINGO card, it makes me want to play it tonight! =)

PLO said...

Love the journal page...but the collage is KILLER! Great composition and color! I will have to try the phone book thing! Happy New Year!

Sharon Sahl said...

I just looked closely at the journal page and I really like your musings. I don't always read online journal words; sometimes it makes me feel way too nosy.