Thursday, September 18, 2008

We got bitten by Ike, too

Well Ike sure packed a punch and kept on punchin'! Even way up here in Ohio he was still wreaking havoc in the form of near-hurricane force winds. We were unprepared for the widespread damage. I took a few shots Monday as I was out trying to find gas station that was open and pumping gas... proved to be futile for quite a while. Schools were out for three days (some still are) and I heard that there are still around 1 million people in Ohio without power.... wow. I was lucky and my power came back on early Monday morning around 3 a.m. (not sure why I was so lucky, but hey, I'll take it!). Had no internet, cable or phone 'til last night, but that wasn't as much of a hardship (at least I won't miss the season finale of Burn Notice tonight!). It was amazing the size of some of the trees that came down! We didn't have power at work until Wed. and had to go work at another site on campus in the meantime... some adventure! That was once I got gas and could get to work.... hardly any traffic lights in town are working even today. It's making for a lot of conversations but we are all more sympathetic I think for what the poor people on the gulf coast have endured and are still enduring, it's hard to even imagine.

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PLO said...

Holy hell! Ike bit us too...but only in the form of never ending rainfall and flooding...glad you are ok!