Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Card

This card is actually one long
card but the scanner couldn't
scan it all in one piece. The front
shows the closure with brads and
a blue ribbon/string. My friend
requested a neat card from me for
his birthday, I hope he likes it!


PLO said...

Wonderful doll! I love seeing your new creations!

V-Grrrl said...

I love these, especially "what lies before us" and the card with the bumble bee.

On the bumble bee card, did you stamp all the images of the background, or did you enhance a piece of scrapbooking paper?

I can hardly wait to get my studio set up. Should be ready to go in the next two to three weeks as repairs wrap up on my house...I haven't done art in months and I miss it so much.

Dieverdog said...

V-grrl...you've got a good eye! Yes the bee panel was "enhanced" scrapbook paper... I stamped a few extra images on it with the dark brown ink...the bee and the sun and the leaves. I tried to do some stamping on all the panels where I could. I hadn't done any art in ages and it felt really good to get back to it...hope you get to soon also!

Jenny McCutcheon said...

I love all of the different designs you created with the greeting cards you've posted to your blog. They are so creative and unique!