Friday, August 12, 2016

Some Moleskine Journaling

Here are two finished pages and a couple backgrounds in a Moleskine journal I've had for a while now. I was working in my Dyan Reaveley black journal last night and then had some excess paint that I rubbed off on background pages in my other journal - and decided to finish a couple of pages! I like how Dyan works on mulitple pages at once - using up paint that way. So I'm trying to do that also. It leaves lots of options when I'm not sure where to go with a certain page.... I just flip to something else and other ideas come (sometimes).

 Background is a mix of Pan Pastels and Dylusions paints with stencils and then stamps added on top - with Colorbox chalk pad. I hand lettered the words with a GelXtreme metallic green pen (the metallic probably doesn't show well in the scan).
 Background is excess Dylusions paint (orange) and then stencils across. The words were hand lettered with Tombow marker and the doodles also with Tombow marker. Pretty simple.
 Background done a while back... I think mostly ink pads direct to paper and stencils over top.
 Pan Pastel background and Dylusion paints through stencils on top.
 Pan Pastels with Dylusions paints through stencils on top. Very vibrant!
 Again Pan Pastel background with stenciling over top.
 An older page - collage from a magazine and hand lettering and doodling over all that. This was a fun page to create.
Another older page - Pan Pastel background, I think this was when I'd recently gotten the Pan Pastels, actually, and was experimenting with them - I REALLY love them and how easy they are to lay down for a background page! There is rubber stamping over top and then hand lettering and a little doodling.


JanT said...

Love these especially the "depression" one.

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