Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My New 'Do

Ok, it took two cuts to get what I liked... but I'm pleased with this haircut, finally! I got it cut a few days ago and didn't care much for it... I wanted more layers, a different look, though still kind of long... this is much better... I went to Rafiel's over in Clintonville, near work. It was more expensive than Aveda Institute... but if I like it I can keep going to the same girl, which is nice. The Institute was nice... for $17 you got a mini massage, a facial, shampoo, cut and style... but it was a student, and an instructor oversaw it... and if you liked it, the girl may or may not be there the next time 'cause they are always graduating and moving on. This was $35... and I did get a mini massage, which was nice. I may keep going though, I think I will like the cut... but once I try to style it myself, then we'll see... that's always the clincher. Anyone wants to tell me what they think and leave a comment, I'd be happy to hear what you think of it!

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Sharon Sahl said...

Hey, I do like your new do; looks like it has lots of swinging layers. I came to comment on your hair but love the art journal videos. Thanks for putting them up.