Monday, January 14, 2008

Why is Rain Sad?

While stuck in horrible traffic coming home on Thursday night (1/10/08) I was looking out the car window and thought how it always seems that a rainy window is synonymous with sadness. I had time to ponder while I sat at the light for several revolutions so I took a photo, wondering how it might turn out. I guess I do find rain a bit melancholy, but I kind of like a rainy day sometimes. I wondered why we so often link it with sad feelings or depressed feelings when there isn't anything intrinsically sad about rain, really. We really need it at times. Not enough and we have drought, too much and it's the cause of floods. All I know is, that it sure messed up traffic that night and it took me forever to get home! That was more annoying than sad, though I wasn't in too bad a frame of mind about it since I wasn't in any particular hurry to be anywhere. It is nice when we don't need to stress and can enjoy where ever we happen to be and take the chance to reflect on something we might not normally have the chance to. Here's to happy rainy days.


elle said...

thats so beautiful

Linda Woods said...

rain drops are kind of like tear drops...but hey, sometimes we cry when we LAUGH!!

pandaapprovedxx said...

I wondered this a long time ago, and did some research. It may have to do with somethings that's called the "Pineal Gland".

Bright light raises levels of serotonin during the day to keep you alert and full of energy, while the dark we get from night raises our levels of melatonin to help you sleep. It's like our body's inner clock. It can also be referred to as Circadian Rhythms. Our timing of sleep, the production of our hormones, body temperature, and other biological functions need the proper serotonin and melatonin levels to function properly.

So naturally, when it's cloudy and raining the Pineal Gland doesn't screte as much serotonin. So yeah. I suppose we just end up feeling sad while we're lazy.

Perspective is also key I think. Personally, I think the rain is beautiful. Hell, I'm 15 years old and STILL go out and play in it. :D
But some might feel like they're cut off or HAVE to stay inside because of the rain. Limited, you know?

Why anyone would associate rain with emotion's such as sadness is slightly more understandable with all this in consideration.

Anyways, sorry this is so long. I'll stop rambling now and end this, but I hope this is helpful for you! :D