Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year! It's the start of a new journal!

I passed this up in the bookstore the first time I saw it last month... it's really weird... It's a journal called "Wreck This Journal" and every page holds instructions on how to deface, demolish and generally destroy the journal. Everything from tearing out pages, taking it into the shower with you (haven't done that one yet!), dropping it from heights, dragging it on a string behind you while you take a walk... to gluing all manner of matter into it. I will do my best to document my efforts as I go through the process... it is kind of fun, actually. What caused me to rethink the whole concept was seeing some reviews on People were really getting into it. I also found a flickr site where people are sharing what they are doing with it. So, anyway, a new year, a new kind of journal...bombs away!

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sue said...

Actually, I like this idea!