Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cleaning the craft room

Inspired by recent magazines I've been looking through, and wanting to get back to working on some art... I starting cleaning out the craft room (aka the dining room). It has been a horrendous mess for quite some time and every time I do more work it just gets worse and worse. Words can't begin to describe how really and truly bad it has gotten. After a couple of hours this morning I was so pooped out I sat on the couch and dozed for a couple of hours. I was as wiped out as I've been in a long time. I finally decided I HAD to get back up and move around and since I had coupons I wanted to use at Archivers and Barnes & Noble that are about to expire I got up and went out.

I got some cool stuff at Archivers and didn't spend too much (that store is a hard one to restrain myself in). And I got a couple good books at B & N... one Dover book on Victorian art that comes with a CD of the images (I'm getting attracted to the flourishes and swirls that seem to be all the rage now) and a book on selling your art that I'm hoping might inspire me to move forward with making some money off something I can make. And I got the newest Somerset Studio too. A late lunch/early dinner at Taco Bell... hey, it's cheap!

So I got more done when I got home.... lots more, nearly done, or at least done enough to start some work but maybe tomorrow, I'm pretty pooped out again. It's a good feeling to get that accomplished. I also realize how many unmounted stamps I have that I've never used! It's like winning a stamp lottery or something.... stuff I forgot that I even bought! I will work on organizing those soon, too. I can get sheets at the Container Store with my discount so that won't be a big deal. Maybe I'll get some tomorrow at work.

Well off to sit for a bit!


Sharon Sahl said...

Way to go. It really does change the ability to focus on doing anything to have a fresh, clean place to do it and a recent look through supplies and resources. I'm atwitter in anticipation to see what you'll come up with.

PLO said...

When you are finished, would you please come to my house. I have my "art studio" which is part of my basement half filled, and my bedroom is over taken by crafts.