Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finally some new cards!

Finally got some work done in the newly and somewhat cleaner dining room craft space. The flowers at top are an attempt at the one stamp, several ideas theme that they do in Take Ten magazine. The others are just some random ideas that came to me as inspiration struck. Hopefully this is the start of a creative "roll." (I have one I forgot to bring to scan I will add tomorrow hopefully).


PLO said...

Georgous! I love the Spring flowers, and the rest are amazing as well. Did you listen to the HIM Michelle sent you yet? Good cleaning, and creating music!

Dieverdog said...

I listened to HIM, but not on cleaning day, though that's a good idea. I like HIM, not sure it will be a favorite, but very interesting and very different! I have a pretty wide range of music tastes... we could say eclectic (love that word).