Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cat cards

Some cards I made a few days ago with those new stamps I keep talking
about. They are clear stamps you use on acrylic blocks, those seem to
be all the rage right now. I do like them because you can see where you
are putting them on the paper since they are clear. That's kind of nice,
really, not so much guessing and hoping stuff is where you want it.
Sometimes that's not as much of an issue, but getting that cat to sit on
the "dreamer" word just where I wanted was sure a lot easier than it
would have been with a wood stamp. And Sharon will note I'm still using
my Stampers Anon. checkered stamp... an all-time fave! (a little private
joke we have).


PLO said...

These cards turned out great! I have 7 million clear stamp sets...they keep multipling...I really love the black and white one!

Sharon Sahl said...

Something old, something new makes a very striking card. Great job.