Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Digi Card

Here's a little card I made last week entirely on the computer. I like the look of it, the silhouette of the bird (that is actually a font, believe it or not). I found a lot of really cool, free (the best part) fonts on a site called Dafont.com. Check it out (but only when you have a couple of hours... it's very addictive!


Sharon Sahl said...

Pam. This little post cost me hours and hours of searching Dafont, downloading 86 new fonts, installing them and making a new printout to see what I now have. Good thing I only do that once every year or so. I do LOVE the card though!

Anonymous said...


I am curious as to what font your lettering is. I have been trying to find a font exactly like that for months and I cannot find it. Help!

Thank you! Wonderful card by the way!

Dieverdog said...

Anonymous, I don't recall the name of that font but I can check at work on Monday. I will post here as you didn't leave an email.

Dieverdog said...

Ok, Anonymous, if you return for my answer... the font is called Artistamp and the bird font is called Birds of a Feather. I think I got both off the free site called Dafont.com (mentioned above). It's an awesome site, just be sure you have loads of time because it is addictive to go through all the fun fonts.

Anonymous said...

I never thanked you, so thank you for answering my question. It is highly appreciated and means a lot.

-Anonymous aka Hollie =]