Friday, May 16, 2008

Taking care of a sick kitty

Taking care of poor little Parker
this week. Sunday night at midnight
(Monday morning) I took him to
the emergency hospital at OSU
because he had a blockage and
couldn't go potty. Fortunately he
was a candidate for a special study
they are doing for that very thing.
He came home on Tuesday since
he was doing so well and I'm giving
him medicine 3x a day. He seems
better but is still having troubles and
isn't eating or drinking as well as I'd
like to see, but sometimes progress
is slower than one would like. I sure
hope he gets better, he's such a
sweet cat and only about a year and
a half old. If you're inclined to say prayers,
say a few for him or send him good

1 comment:

PLO said...

thank goodness Parker has you to nurse him back to health!