Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm gonna start somethin'

I just decided I should start yet another notebook... (I do this a lot)... about art ideas that I get, or images that inspire me. I jot stuff down on post-its and scraps but then don't keep them in one place and heavens knows where they wind up! (often the bottom of my purse until I clean it out). So I just saw some inspiring things on the web and printed out a couple pages since I will probably never remember what web site I saw them on later to look them up when I'm in the mood to create. I also jotted down some ideas that came to me that I could do that was a little different but inspired by what I was seeing. I thought, I should start a notebook to keep all this stuff in... maybe a three-ring binder with pockets and I could do a couple of categories like "clay" and "stamping." So off to Staples on the way home I guess! More later.

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