Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yet another fun craft to try!

Well I managed to find one more craft to try! Going into a yarn shop yesterday after a work meeting next door was over... in an area way north of town I've never been to before... I was very warmly welcomed by one of the shop owners (though I didn't know that at the time) Elaine. She showed me how she made these neat little woven squares (or rectangles) on a tiny hand-held loom (called Weavette looms) and then she pieces them together (NOT sewing - she proclaimed). You can do so much with them and she and I really connected as we continued to talk. Ideas started flowing on what I could make with these little gems.... scarves, purses.... and then Elaine proceeded to show me samples she'd done! And then she gave me a little demo on how to start the loom with yarn and before you know it.... I bought a loom and she showed me how to do it and before I left I had my first little rectangle (shown above). I tried to do another one at home, but I think I need a remedial lesson on the last step because something wasn't quite right... but I almost have the hang of it. I'm definitely going back for more lessons, more yarn and more of Elaine's warm conversation.... I felt like I found a new home!
In case you want to go.... it's called A Tangled Tale and is in Powell, OH 50 S. Liberty St. suite 174... it's a cute little town. Their web site (which I haven't even gotten to yet myself is: Elaine and her daughter Doreen run it and it's a lovely place filled with windows, light and lovely colors of yarn!


Sharon Sahl said...

Love the name of the shop. Looks like fun. It's great that you're posting again.

BellaKarma said...

Wow! That looks so cool - both the loom and fabric you created!
Last week, I played around with one of those big ol' looms in my textiles class. My instructor told me if I were around back in the day, I would be out hunting with the men instead of being at home weaving with the women.