Monday, November 09, 2009

Journal page Nov. 6- Being a Woman

Musings on how I feel about being female. Funny that since making this I got a bit outraged at how the news is headlining stories about the female police officer that stopped the shooter at Ft. Hood army base as "Unexpected Hero." Like I said I'm no feminist, but why should it be SO unexpected that the hero who stopped the guy was a woman? If it was a guy who was 5'2" tall would THAT be so unexpected? I mean really! That's the stuff I think is really uncalled for and the media doesn't even seem to realize they are doing it. Just give the lady the same credit they would give ANY police officer who did what they would be doing in the line of duty.
Ah well... we still aren't quite there yet with respect to equality but for good or for ill we have differences and they aren't all bad.

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