Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NaNoJouMo continues

I've kept up so far, posting the first 3 days worth of my journal entries (I spiffed up the first page a little since the last post, some of it faded a bit more than I had hoped). So far I am enjoying doing this - I hope I can keep it up all month... which is a tall order for me. It's easy to do for a few days, but I really do go in spurts and doing anything in a constant, disciplined manner is hard for me on a regular basis. This will get particularly tricky on days when I work from 8 a.m. through 10 p.m. Not sure how that will work out. But the effort is worth at any rate, and when I do set goals for myself I can be fairly dogged (some might say obsessive?) in meeting them. So we will see how I do... the main thing though is to have fun with it. So far I have!


Sharon Sahl said...

It's great to see all of your pages here together. The whole tone of the first one has changed. I love your first post of it, but now it really conveys the excitement of starting a journey/journal.

Dieverdog said...

Yeah, I really wasn't that happy with it the second day, it had faded so much, which I tend to forget those chalk pads do that. Sometimes it turns out nice, but in this case it looked a little too washed out for what I wanted. I'm curious to see what I'll come up with for the next 27 days! Have no idea where this journey will go!