Sunday, November 01, 2009

Join me for NaNoJouMo! Starts TODAY!

Join me for a 30-day odyssey dreamed up online last night called NaNoJouMo to journal every day in November (a little or a lot - whatever you can manage). I whimsically threw the idea out there and Dawn Sokol ran with it and promptly posted it on her blog! This inspired me to actually decide to DO IT! See Dawn's blog here:
It's bound to be quite fun and inspiring. I found a new Moleskine journal with 32 pages - perfect for this journey. I got up early this morning (thanks to the extra hour from setting the clocks back!) and cranked out my first page! So excited - I hope I can carry the enthusiasm through the rest of the month!

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iHanna said...

Brown page, love brown and your yummy stamps!