Friday, September 21, 2007

ATCs I made last night

I meant to work in my new journal last night, but left it at work, aargh! But inspiration to work was there so I made some ATCs... and went in a few different directions as the whim took me. Some Halloween, some with stamping, some collage and even a few different color schemes I don't usually do. The new magazines and blogs have really inspired me, apparently! I didn't want to stop to go to bed!


sue said...

These are some very nice ATC's! And you made them all in 1 night? Geez, I need to learn to work faster! Your journal is turning out beautifully, anxious to see how it develops.

Dieverdog said...

I really do go in spurts! LOL I either get tons accomplished or absolutely nothing for days or weeks... but when I get inspired... watch out!